Frequently asked questions:


Q. What can't be put in the system?

A. You cannot put in the following in a septic tank:


  • Cooking oil and fat.
  • Vehicle fluids such as oils or anti-freeze.
  • Waste from kitchen disposal units.
  • Garden chemicals such as weed killers etc.
  • Solvent based products of any type such as paints or thinners
  • Home wine making and beer waste.
  • Medicines, Sanitary products, wipes, nappies, rags etc.


Although items such as towels, wet wipes and rags will not stop the micro-organisms from working, they are prone to causing blockages in the drains and make routine emptying of your septic tank more difficult. Should the system be fitted with a pump they can cause jamming up of the impeller and motor failure.


Q. Will washing machine & dishwasher detergents cause a problem to the system?

A. Under normal conditions and in moderation these will have no effect on the system. However excess use of biological detergents will kill the micro-organisms that break down the waste material.


Q. Will bleach, disinfectant, sterilising fluid, floor cleaners etc cause a problem to the system?

A. Again, in minimal use these will have no effect on the system, but don't pour neat bleach or disinfectant into the system.