Frequently asked questions:


Q. There's a smell coming from the tank, inspection covers or drains, what is the problem?
A. Some tanks do have a slight odour and wind directions can exacerbate this. However a smell from the septic tank can be a sign that the septic tank needs emptying. A smell coming from the inspection covers or drains is often caused by a blockage or partial blockage, which is retaining decaying material in the system.


Q. Who is responsible for maintaining a septic tank?
A. If the septic tank serves just one property, it is the owners responsibility. Should the septic tank be served by two or more properties, the responsibility should be shared even if the septic tank and drainage system are wholly located on one property, it is always wise to have a legally binding agreement in place between all properties concerned. You may be best friends with your neighbour but what if they move, the new owners may not be so accommodating.


Q. A neighbour has a tank that is overflowing and they wont get it emptied. What do I do?
A. The Local Environmental Health Department have the power to legally enforce any person or persons responsible for causing a risk to public health to take the appropriate remedial action. Should they fail to do this they can arrange to have the work carried out & charge it to the owner. The Environment Agency also have the power to fine owners/occupants who cause pollution.


Q. I rent the property, is it the landlords responsibility to have the tank emptied?
A. No, the responsibility will normally be written into the tenancy agreement. If you are about
to rent a property it is a good idea to ask for proof that the septic tank has been emptied just before you
move in, then agree to have regular and final empties carried out. Your landlord may require
proof that this has been completed.