Frequently asked questions:


Q. I am about to purchase a property with a septic tank/treatment plant, what should I do?
A. Always ask for proof that the system has been maintained & desludged on a regular basis. Ask the owners to have the system emptied so that you can get your surveyor or independant engineer to correctly inspect it. A poorly maintained system could cost you thousands to put right.


Q. My septic tank was emptied not long ago but it's overflowing.
A. Most people wrongly assume that the septic tank was not emptied correctly by the contractor, this is very rarely the case and is usually caused by a fault in the system. Should liquid be overflowing from an inspection cover near the house but the tank level is low, there will be a blockage between the septic tank and cover. Should liquid be overflowing from the septic tank lid, there is a problem with the soakaway (drainfield), it may be blocked. A soakaway operating in good conditions with a septic tank that has been regularly emptied should work for about 20-30 years, some can work much longer. The soak-away may also be sitting in saturated ground due to a rising water table, this will prevent excess water from the septic tank draining away and can often back-fill the tank.


Q. I have a septic tank that doesn't need emptying.
A. Wrong. All systems require periodic desludging, as the waste will not totally de-grade. Failure to have a system correctly desludged is normally false economy, resulting in solids entering the soak-away system. This will shorten or terminate the working life of the soak-away.


Q. How often should I have my Septic tank emptied?
A.For one property with two adults and two children, septic tank emptying will be required on average once every twelve months. Should another two adults move in the frequency will increase.