We carry out septic tank emptying, cess pools, sewage treatment plants, temporary sewage tanks and kitchen and food processing traps. If you are unsure of what you have, give us a call.


We have a variety of vehicles in our fleet, including tractors. This enables us to operate in places that are difficult to reach. Wherever your septic tank is situated, rest assured that we can empty it for you.


We will arrive at a convenient time and the operator will make an introduction. We then check the location of septic tank access and associated access points to the drains and discuss the best route of approach so as to minimize disturbance on the property.


During this procedure the operator will check there are no blockages on the inlet and outlet of the septic tank and inspect it.


Once finished the operator will wash out
the pipes (if water available) to guard against
spillage when collecting them and give the
customer the opportunity to inspect the work.
If you are satisfied we exchange necessary